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What is iStudio?

iStudio is a personal presentation System using a most advanced Virtual Studio technology. iStudio is designed for the presenter to use the live presentation, so it is very easy within 5 minutes to learn how to use for live presentation. iStudio provides all the features of broadcast Studio needs and is designed for the presenter to use in a live class, conference and personal office. The patented technologies make you to be the presentation Studio designer, multiple camera men and production director to make professional presentation in the real time. With all the easy – one touch contents manage tools make your presentation professional without any operators. isoverview1 Patented Innovation of iStudio… iStudio Virtual Class room builder make you to have CNN Style Presentation in a minutes.. iStudio turns your locations – office, class, conference rooms, large hotel conference halls to be a presentation Studio. You don’t have to go Broadcast Studio but make your own style studio in a minutes at your locations; moreover you can change all studio design for every presenter at any time. iStudio’s creation tools make you to have unlimited presentation studio where you can change and modify with easy-of-use. Within 10-15 minutes, you can create own CNN style of studio. iStudio’s Patent technology Trackless camera control It uses one camera for many tracking scenes with animated camera movement to have dynamic scenes to bring presentation attention. Every presentation, any presenter sets own angle and style of tracking with easy-of-use setting, just 10 minutes to have own camera positions and scenes. iStudio make a presenter to be a broadcast PD, all directing camera men and operators. iStudio’s patent Control method enables any presenter operate whole Broadcast control by using a pointer with one touch easy-of-use. iStudio is an All in one Broadcast Turnkey Personal Station iStudio can do whole live presentation by a presenter without any assistant engineers, make automatic Recording and streaming, can do simultaneously conferencing using Skype showing output of iStudio to the other-side, while a presenter do watch distance audience using Skype. At the same time, iStudio output can do broadcast all over the world using UStream or Youtube live if you have account. It can use any existing tools like WebEx, Connect pro, and so on.

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iStudio Features

  • 3D-based Animated Transitions
  • Virtual PTZ camera motion on a Jib
  • Customizable Scene & Studio
  • Live Chroma Keying or Mixing
  • Recording & Streaming
  • Single User Operation
  • Curved Monitor for Presentation
provide 3d virtual set

Easy Setup

Connect your HDMI, DVI-I(VGA) and USB Video sources, select your studio layout, adjust the scale and position in the studio and you are ready to start producing professional quality content. For broadcast cameras, HD-SDI capture options are also supported. isfea1

Scene Presets

Uing only a fixed camera create scene with virtual Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Perspective. Seamlessly transtion between them, as if the camera was being moved and operated manually. isfea2

One-Touch Chromakey

Use a live chromakey to create a 3D immersive virtual studio experience for your audience. isfea3

Mouse Presentation

Switch between scenes with animated camera motion with a click of the mouse. Highlight areas and draw shapes with colors over the live video, just like the pro sportscaster. isfea4

3D Layered Images & Video

Place images and videos in your studio to add corporate branding, logos and scenery in motion. isfea5

Streaming & Recording

Record your rendered studio output to AVI, MP4, FLV formats for upload to Youtube or directly stream using Livestream, CDN or Wowza server. Share your live video over Skype and Google Hangouts. isfea7

Customize your Virtual 3D Environment for Traning & Flipped Classrooms

You now have the power to create custom virtual studios of your own. Select from a variety of our iStudio designs or customize your own utilizing the included 3D database elements. isfea6

Turnkey DIY package is NOW available!



Multi-purpose with one compact iStudio

iStudio for Video conferencing, Lecture capture & streaming! application

iStudio Presentation for MOOC


MOOC Studio

iStudio for making an awesome MOOC course!
You can have your own private broadcasting station toward MOOC with MicroStation-iStudio!
You are a real frontier toward flipped class!! VR_Elearning_system_small

These videos are produced by iStudio. Please click the below pictures to feel the future of education.

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