Smart Presentation Group

for teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, and Government peoples who need to make Presentation over Skype/Hangout/Zoom or any conferences


Personal AR Presentation Video Production from Anywhere

eStudio is an easy-to- use, real-time ‘lecture capture’ and content production software that
lets users create visually impacting videos for marketing, employee training, education contents, and presentation videoconferecing in a few simple steps.


Converting your Office to Virtual
Presentation Office

The MStudio is an innovative appliance for video conference applications in office and corporate environments. Designed specifically to take advantage of the increased popularity of the new generation multi-party video conferencing hardware and software, mStudio livens up and improves the vedeo conference experience multi-fold! mStudio allows users to combine video of a person with contents of the presentation (in any format, from any application). The combining(mixing) can be done in a large number of creative ways, with the help of virtual studio (VR) technology. Users may chose to use the provided templates as is or customize them in a matter of minutes.
Unlike virtual studios used by broadcasters, the innovative video mixing technology used by mStudio does not require any special blue or green backgrounds and sophisticated lighting set up. You can create amazing results with any type of backgrounds and any ordinary offce lighting.


The Ultimate Presentation and Broadcasting Station

iStudio is an unrivaled (VR content production) video production, broadcasting, and presentation enhancing system. Powerful but easy to use, this turnkey package of hardware and software brings the capabilities of a professional production studio to any presentation environment – educational institutions, studios, meeting rooms, small to large lecture halls, corporate training facility, and hotel conference events.
The unbeatable combined view of a presenter in a ‘virtual room’ or any background with an insertion of desired digital materials generates a dynamic flow of activity that captures and retains audience’s interest throughout.