GATEWAY of Presentation over Smart World!

Simple and smart solutions for broadcasting, presentations,
lectures and communication...

lecture Recording System

MINI studio / AR studio

Advanced Classroom

VR E-Board / Automatic Lecture Recording

TV Broadcating System

Virtual studio / News Room

Lecture Recording System

is an easy-to-use, real-time ‘lecture capture’ and content production software that lets users create visually impacting videos for marketing, employee training, educational contents, and enhance videoconferences for presentations in a few simple steps.

Advanced Classroom

Advanced classroom solutions allow our children's education to advance with advanced technology, along with DARIM's technology.

TV Broadcast System

is designed for every Level of the broadcaster to make professional virtual studio without knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya in extremely easy way. Even without any knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, still can do good and professional look of studio design using a photo and graphics provided with vStudio


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