The Ultimate Presentation and Broadcasting Station

iStudio is an unrivaled (VR content production) video production, broadcasting, and presentation enhancing system. Powerful but easy to use, this turnkey package of hardware and software brings the capabilities of a professional production studio to any presentation environment – educational institutions, studios, meeting rooms, small to large lecture halls, corporate training facility, and hotel conference events.
The unbeatable combined view of a presenter in a ‘virtual room’ or any background with an insertion of desired digital materials generates a dynamic flow of activity that captures and retains audience’s interest throughout.


iStudio is a powerful content creating machine that helps anyone to produce attention-grabbing content for various purposes: learning content for education, government and corporate training videos, and event recording. Create stunning videos instantly and share media files, document files including presentation files or connect to an extra camera as a visualizer.

Visually share ideas, files, videos, and more

Record live events and presentations with or without using chromakey

Turn ordinary content to attention-getting video content

Provide immersive environment for learners


Transportable DIY Broadcasting Station in a Box

●    All-in-one, transportable and light weight turnkey broadcasting station in a box: chromakey wall, lights, desk, console for monitors are include
●    Complete a real studio installation in about an hour (appc. 30-40 min)
●    Suitable for environment requiring live production, recording, and broadcasting

All-in-one Virtual Content Production System

●    Built-in high quality chroma-key and audio mixer
●    Detachable 2 built-in monitors
●    Dedicated processor for input/output of video and audio

Ease-of- use iStudio Operation

●    Assign & modify up to 12 switchable scenes
●    Support various input sources (documents, media files, USB/HDMI cameras, etc.) for each virtual monitor- use up to 3 virtual monitors to present
●    Built-in switcher, mixer, slider, and joystick for easier operation
●    Built-in Audio Meter / Amp slider
●    Built-in camera preview monitor
●    Use virtual monitors as electronic whiteboard: provide up to 3 with pen color thickness in selection
●    Support simultaneous recording and streaming while in production

Unrivaled Functionalities and Tools

Chromakey Mode

High quality chromakey with auto-keying feature provides 3D virtual classroom environment with dynamic scenes

Mouse Based Operation

No Keyboard is required to Operate Production system. Intuitive interface allows anyone to operate easily with a mouse.

TV Quality Effects

Real-time switcher and mixer capabilities generate dynamic scene changes for viewers.

Document Camera

Connecting any web cam to the system enables presenters to 'show and tell', or communicate on new topics more clearly.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard feature lets users to write on top of virtual screens presenting movies, documents, and image files.

VGA Support

VGA connection lets users to share any type of information from a notebook with the audience.

Manipulating 3D studio Elements

Easily start from provided template 3D sets set up virtual cameras; with any move.

Supports Rich Media

Share PowerPoint slides, documents, movies, and images without converting file formats.

Scaling Virtual Monitor and Actor

Freely adjust the size of displaying monitors and actors to be proportionate to the background images.

Scene Layouts

Intuitive user interface lets presenters to control movements to enliven the audience.

Records in Various Formats

Save presentations in FLV or MP4. The ready-to-be-distributed files can easily be uploaded to a designated server and stream out to multiple screens.

iStudio Fits in Everywhere

iStudio is engineered and optimized for single-person operation, with all the controls right at the user’s fingertips. From the classroom to the boardroom, it fits everywhere. The scenarios for iStudio use are virtually unlimited. Whether it’s to demonstrate a new product or technique, or display vivid advertising content, iStudio handle all these needs – and more.

EDUCATION   Content Production

Use iStudio to create an immediate educational VR & AR video content for any learning environment.

BUSINESS     Corporate Training & Videoconferencing

Utilize iStudio for product introduction, branding, and corporate videos or to communicate as a videoconferencing enhancer.

MEDIA INDUSTRIES     AV Media & Conference Halls

Create awesome mobile-friendly websites. No coding and free.


To be effective in classroom, technology has to be simple to use, not a distraction. The iStudio’s single-person based operation shows to be a natural solution in this setting, without disrupting the pace of the information flow.

Designing smart classroom for smart education

Connect to smart devices directly from the iStudio equipped classroom. The iStudio’s real-time video production and lecture recording functionality does not only provide convenience of creating visually dynamic video content with virtual classrooms, but it also provides immersive learning environment for both learners online and off-line.

Integrating with LMS

Simply upload iStudio’s dramatic video content to existing LMS or school’s securely managed platforms. Both teachers and students will benefit from an active, engaged learning environment.

Creating video lectures for ‘flipped learning’

One of the biggest challenges to ‘flip classroom’ is continuously providing effective lecture videos for learners to view at home. With iStudio, making an effective lecture video for everyday class is not a tiresome process. There’s no need of video editing if not desired. Teach with your PPT, visualizer, or any media files as you’re in class. In an hour, you will be ready with a video lesson for tomorrow or upload to school’s secured server with LMS for learners to access from any location and device.

Remote Teaching & Distance Learning

Provide an immersive live lecture for distance learning. iStudio’s unique technology introduces a new method of learning: connect remote classrooms by integrating the system with any existing videoconferencing service platforms.
The combined use of iStudio with Skype for example will give an access to live lectures performed at where iStudio station’s installed.


Product Introduction and Corporate Videos

Create and record new product introduction videos for employees and customers. Reach prospects, customers, or employees in live or at THEIR convenience with an on-demand broadcast over IP using any service platform. With custom backgrounds, special effects, your product and corporate presentations take on added value.

Training & Communicating with Employees

Communicate more clearly with employees in different locations or provide well-made training videos for safety and maintenance issues. Compile with the law and regulations or update videos by presenting and recording additional information when necessary without spending extra cost.

iStudio for Media Industries

AV Media & Conference Halls

Use iStudio for live production and live broadcasting or even record your content for later delivery. Let your audience be mesmerized by turning every presentation into stunning virtual videos in real-time.

Quick tours

iStudio Model line

Intuitive 2.5D Virtual Studio

iStudio 240 is designed for people new to virtual studio production. It features easy to use GUI which allows users to start working on production from first day by oneself. This means no worries about virtual set design or deep technical knowledge. It is specifically designed for simple studio production with great flexibility. It is convenient to install and empowers educational and corporate broadcast to create professional video content in such a compact setup, even without knowledge of any high end editing software tools.

●    First-person video production without need for skills of broadcast operator
●    Professional high quality chroma separation on single click
●    Built-in Audio mixer and audio delay adjustment
●    Creates virtual studios with 1 subject and 2 virtual monitors
●    Real-time Recording audio, video & Streaming at same time.
●    Multi-layer Professional quality chroma-keying (single click auto chroma key)
●    Instantly insert live video and multimedia files into any virtual set    
●    More than 20 quickly editable all virtual set templates
●    Easily customize backgrounds and up to 14 layers of 2D virtual set templates
●    Virtual Electronic White board with Drawing brushes of various colors and eraser
●    High quality output at limited investment of space, cost and time.

Full-featured 3D Virtual Studio

iStudio 340 is a more advanced model of personal production system, it allow users to take full advantages of 3D virtual technology. The iS340 software makes it possible to relocate, resize, rotate or change color of 3D elements of your virtual studio. Textures and many other components of virtual studios can be customized quickly as well. Users can even add video texturing or transparency support to virtual monitors, walls, floors, etc. Sophisticated 3D virtual sets can be used without complex authoring tools. Custom 3D objects can be easily interchanged within the virtual set as well. iS340 software is for those who look for powerful features combined with ease of use and affordable prices.

●    Intuitive GUI for live production
●    Professional high quality chroma separation on single click
●    Built-in Audio mixer and audio delay adjustment
●    Real-time live video switching for 1 actor subjects and up to 3 virtual monitors
●    Full control of live cameras and virtual set scenes with provided keys
●    Virtual Electronic White board with Drawing brushes of various colors and eraser
●    Modify properties and animation tracks of virtual cameras and objects with few simple clicks
●    Instantly insert live video, multimedia files and even custom 3D objects into any virtual set
●    Optional software plug-in for importing custom 3D objects or complete 3D sets modifications

Virtual Set
HD Video
Addition Inputs for PC/MacvForm Factor, Power Supply
iS240-T2.5D trackless4 live + 2 files122 or 4 fixed1 VGA/DVI/HDMI or IP captureCompact & light transportable case,
Single PSU
iS340-T3D trackless4 live + 3 files 132 or 4 fixed1 VGA/DVI/HDMI or IP captureCompact & light transportable case,
Single PSU