Envision the Future of a Classroom

iBoard is the next-generation digital whiteboard that turns any classroom into a theater-like lecture room with greater interactivity and higher efficiency. Using dual projectors, it provides two times brighter and wider screen (28:9) than a regular projection with a single projector…., and the best thing is, it generates enough screen space for staffs to show multiple windows with variety of files including views from distant classes. 


Features & Benefits  

●     Using double projectors, beautify and increase the efficiency of the classroom wall by fully displaying with learning contents in 8K (iBoard size in max. 1.5m H x 5m W).  

●     Clicking on Layouts button from the main menu allows users to select preferred content layouts to show in class.

●     With a touch of screen, users can select to enlarge the content screen, or play preferred files at any instant, or even switch files while playing on the wide screen (28:9) whiteboard.  

●     Easy installation and operation (touch screen)

●     Freely replace, move content screens or swipe with other contents on screen

Model Line Up

FeatureEdge-blending, Drawing (pen), Multyple media files (camera, PC, files, ets.)
Projector / Display Output2 Projectors, (DVI, HDMI), 1 Control Display
Live Video Input1 HDMI, DVI or VGA
Drawing PadOne- screen (pen), or PAD (mouse)
Projectors2 Projectors (3000 ANCI lumens)Screen Option: Customizable wight