Advanced Classroom Solution

VR Lectures on High-Tech VR Lectures and Large Screen Blackboards like Theater
Lessons in Multi Classroom Smart smart classroom where classes are done in smart world

Automatic VR Lecture Recording

Automatically recorded lessons
In a state-of-the-art VR virtual studio, the teacher can take classes backwards through the classroom, Classes that are automatically recorded improve the class one step further.

● VR / AR lecture desk
● Chromakey Lecture Studio (Patent)
● Touch Wacom monitor
● iDesk E-board control
● Remote teaching
● VR lecture


iBoard - Electronic Blackboard

An even higher classroom writing
Teachers who are doing classes are fun, and students who take lessons are also happy.

● Classroom like theater
● Immersive curve screen support
● Interworking with 2-3 Projectors
● Edge blending electronic board (patent)
● Simultaneous display of video, notebook and camera
● Multi layer, scaling
● Up to 24hour simultaneous classrooms


iDesk - Electronic Desk

All-in-one lecture desk
DARIM provides all-in-one automatic lecture recordings, VR virtual studio settings, electronic board, and more.

● Real-time recording of immersive virtual AR classroom (patent)
● Automatic AR Mixing of Smart PD function (patent)
● Real-time video interactive learning function
● Free Template Maker
● Multilayer Switching Mixer