Darim's all-in-one turnkey solutions in studio production, broadcasting automation, and capture and streaming product lines are designed with highly advanced features for broadcasters. We are now moving to smart system solutions to make ends meet of dynamic content creators and providers.

TV Broadcast Group

Virtual Studio Production
Highly advanced HD virtual studio systems (vStudio Series) are built and provided as all-in-one real-time studio systems to simplify the process of studio production.

Broadcast Automation
Darim provides the FS series server product lines with feature-rich applications for a reliable 24/7 automated broadcasting environment.

VR Mixer & Switchers
Using mStudio for Live video production fulfills your need of mixer & switchers in a fast-paced live event environment. Find out how this supports in a real TV environment for live shootings.

Video Wall Solution
Providing interactive video wall controllers and management software for displaying multiple media sources on any size and any surfaces

UHD Up-Converter
A compact VT750 device developed for real-time up-scaling of HD or 3G video to the UHD(3840x2160p) format for streaming media and broadcasting

Chroma Key Screen & Lights
ChroMudio is invented for broadcasters with limited space and budget for constructing studios. The whole green screen and light package is light enough to carry on board and instantly builds up in any place.



All presentation product lines including eStudio, mStudio, and iStudio can be integrated with any mainstream multi-points conferencing solutions to turn them into informative videoconferences for presentations - we call this “tele-presentation”. The combined use of presentation systems with videoconferencing solution on the marketplace is the simplest way of enhancing multi-directional communications.

Training Video Production
Utilize cost-effective presentation systems such as eStudio, mStudio, or iStudio stations to create corporate videos or learning content videos. Those feature-rich products are optimally designed for single person operation at any place. From installation to creating content, all steps are simplified enough to be operated by the presenter. 

Events & Conferences
Projecting and broadcasting live events from on-site. Turn any presentation into stunning videos in real-time. 


Smart Classroom
From creating content to streaming to individual's smart devices, smart presentation devices installed at classrooms can help with connecting everyone right from the classroom.

Flipped Learning
eStudio class station simplifies the process of creating professional lecture videos for 'flipped learning'.

Interactive Distance Learning
Share live lectures across the campuses or deliver any meaningful content in real-time with people online - whether it's for general marketing, training, interactive teleconferencing, or even as a live in camera for switchers & mixers.