Multiple Format Encoding, Decoding,
Transcoding and AD Titling Solutions
for Broadcasting

Darim’s MV product line provides you with ideal turnkey solutions for broadcasting over ther Internet and satellite links. The MV encoder, decoder, transcoder, titler are state-of-the-art content processing devices delivering powerful, reliable studio solutions of multi-format video ingest, encoding, decoding, transcoding, titling, scheduling, and live streaming that can be easily integrated into any existing environment.

Based on the solid-state memory embedded design, MV systems consistently perform audio and video encoding, streaming, reception, and decoding 24/7. MV series encoders provide users with multi-profile encoding thus delivering live and on-demand services for Mobile, PC and SD/HDTV screens.

These systems are the powerful solutions for streaming to STB for IPTV systems, video/audio transmission from remote site broadcast studio, IP-IP transcoding, and AD tiitling. To maintain the highest quality of compresssed video stream all MV encoders use real time filtering, adaptive noise reduction, and deinterlacing hardware.


  • High-performance, multi-format video/audio ingest, encoding, decoding, transcoding, titling , and streaming
  • Support of Windows Media, Silverlight, Smooth Streaming, Flash Dynamic Streaming and Apple HTTP Streaming
  • Encode/decode from live sources or decks; transcode from existing media files
  • Support of broad, expandable compression and format
  • Auto-detection of input format and selectable output format
  • Hardware-based preprocessing for optimal quality and bandwidth usage
  • Flexible software with extensive integration, automation and customization features
  • Embedded, power-on-and-forget technology for dedicated encoding/decoding
  • Central management software controls multiple encoders / decoders from web browser
  • Easily upgradable firmware available via Internet or intranet
  • Recent configuration protection mode is available for reliable, optimal performance
  • Versatile titling: create titles that scroll, crawl and roll, as well as animated logos and dynamic images
  • Automated playout:scheduling program allows users to pre-plan and completely automate the playout
  • Simultaneous output to multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates lets you optimize for each target distribution channel
  • Easy workflow integration into any environment