24/7 Automated Playout Server

The FS Series is a scalable server line product with feature-rich applications designed for production workflows. Because each server is fully integrated with the company's fi eld-proven base hardware and advanced applications for broadcasting automation, a complete reliability is guaranteed. With a choice over industry-oriented applications, a variety of servers can be built to serve for their dedicated purposes. The server with Playout application is designed to manage all from titling and editing to scheduling, playout, and constant recording from two sources simultaneously, but a dedicated titling server (FD1000) can also be configured by selecting Titling application over the base server line. Ideal for local TV stations, it eliminates the need for costly videotapes and wasted man hours while still broadcasting 24 hours a day. Imagine capturing footage from two sources, titling and editing another, broadcasting, and scheduling the upcoming week's programming-all at the same time!


Completely Automate Broadcasting Operations with Darim's Playout Servers

The FS Playout Server is an evolutionary digital system which truly integrates everything for operation in broadcast studios eliminating all the legacy peripherals and video tapes. It can be used with an internal or network-attached hard disk drive storage system eliminating the need to store and catalog hundreds of tapes.
FS servers include A/V switcher, ingestion, multi-layer title and logo insertion, multi-format scheduler, mixer and playout server. The server can either be controlled in the studio or from a remote site by network or GPI. The server can also be integrated with external audio and video switcher and mixer for additional I/O capabilities.
The server can continuously get live video and audio for storing on hard disk drives. The provided software enables real time selection of desired A/V fragments through an NLE type interface. The playback of selected clips can be scheduled and performed without stopping/ pausing of the input process.

Playout Scheduling

Plan and execute the entire day or week's schedule automatically. Define time and duration of any segment of the schedule: live, pre-recorded video clip, advertisement and more. Appearance and content of the titles and other graphics elements can be conveniently scheduled as well.

Multi-Layer Titling

All titling elements including static or dynamic logos, crawl line, banners, caption, flash, video, etc., can be used for simple overlaying of TV channel logo and crawl line playback as well as for creating complex projects such as information channels with SMS-chat and voting. Organize all broadcast overlays within the Playout server or from its dedicated system.

Image Updater

This up-scaled system presents real-time data update technology in a smart way. The dynamic data sources including system's time, outside temperature, internet, and simple text files are operated together with the Image Updater application which allows instant formation of images based on such dynamic data received. The feature enables users to change informative news and data quickly as it automatically takes in as an "image" and uploads instantly.

"Cue Tone" Auto Detect

The special software belonging to the retransmitted station constantly listens to the input audio from the head station and detects the sound of DTMF signal or music fragment. When the required sound is detected, the sample signal will be formed using the OnAir application which will start the ad block of scheduled playback.

Automate Content Library

Collect and classify advertising materials easily. Our bundled software that closely integrates with broadcast servers allows all video materials to be stored in one location while giving an option to prepare insert-ready blocks, customize classifications with highlights, casts, different design and elements. The system automatically forms on-air play lists as it copies video files simultaneously and makes content registration process simple.


Message visualization is achieved through the integration of intermediate application software set that is provided for SMS-chat service providers.

Watchdog and Redundancy

Darim's Watchdog unit controls the external switch box in case the main server fails. As the device monitors the operational integrity of the computer system, hardware and application software, it closes output GPI signal in case of any failure occurs. With the aid of external commutator, the Playout server manages switching over either to transmitted signal or to the mirroring server.