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The Chromudio green screen background solution is a lightweight and portable modular design that includes our innovative LED Super Light columns that are both super lightweight and cool to the touch. Super! The green screens themselves are made of a heavy-duty and wrinkle-free nylon spandex material that stretches over the modular aluminum tubular framework for a durable and colorfast chroma green screen that will last forever. If it ever gets dirty just throw it in the wash! Designed for easy portability and quick setup, Chromudio is ideal for live events and studio projects where space is at a premium.


Virtual Studios

Conference Hall & Seminars


Key Features

●    Modular and lightweight aluminum design for easy construction and expansion
●    Curved walls for flexible camera positioning
●    Assembles in under 30 minutes
●    Bright, even lighting with LED Super Lights: Super lightweight and cool to the touch!
●    Heavy-duty and wrinkle-free screens, made of easily-washable nylon spandex
●    Includes carrying bag for easy portability

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